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Urban Montage

Not Art photo
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Art
Soho NYC

My photography of the ever-changing urban landscape reflects the transience and impermanence of New York City street art. Concentrating on the evolving nature of layered graffiti, I have been capturing a timeline of the city's competing artistic efforts and messages as they have eroded over time.

This series of photographs chronicles the ever-changing urban landscape. Notably, the photographs are “as-is” – as I find them on the streets - and are not edited or changed in any way. My work not only captures the moment, it does so in a way that makes the viewer see something totally new and self-contained.

Bathing Beauty photo
Bathing Beauty 2
Soho NYC

Half Smile photo
Half Smile
Dumbo Brooklyn

Happy Couple photo
Happy Couple
Soho NYC